Moving Metal Prices – Non Ferrous Metals

May 21, 2019

The international prices paid for most metals are a result of two factors; How much stock is being held and How much the buyer is prepared to pay. Over the past four years there has been a relatively subdued market for most non-ferrous scrap metals. The big miners had a near death experience in the very … Read more

How Does Metal Recycling Work

May 8, 2019

Metals are used in about everything that we use as modern humans. Our lives are full of all types of metals that are combined to make all of the things that we use in our normal lives. All of these metals are initially mined and refined from raw materials. This process is both expensive and not as … Read more

Metal Recycling for Dummies

March 19, 2019

Environmental sustainability is a key word in today’s language.  It means to minimise the environmental impact of a process. This is the key to environmental sustainability. To mine and refine all metals has a huge environmental impact.  To re-use metals that are no longer useful in their current form has a significant lower of environmental … Read more

The Value of Recycling Scrap Metal

February 15, 2019

Recycling Scrap Metal All scrap metal has value.  The value of scrap metal is linked to the type of metal and how clean the metal is. Copper There is about 220kgs of copper in the average home.  This copper is in the form of electrical wire , tap piping, hot-water services and some kitchen appliances … Read more

Benefits of Recycling

January 15, 2019

Like all recycling, metal recycling means diverting metal waste from entering the landfill.  Metal recycling gives metal a new lease of life by allowing the metal to be re-manufactured as something useful to our economy.  In doing this we reduce the environmental impact, increase the employment opportunities and reduces significantly what goes to landfill. All … Read more

Handy Tips To Making Money From Scrap Metal

August 16, 2018

In today’s environmentally, aware world everyone should be into recycling. Here are some tips on what will help you make the best out of recycling metals. Remember – all metals are recyclable – at Total Metal Recyclers Pty Ltd our focus is the nonferrous metals but we will take all metals to get them into … Read more