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Benefits of Recycling

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Like all recycling, metal recycling means diverting metal waste from entering the landfill.  Metal recycling gives metal a new lease of life by allowing the metal to be re-manufactured as something useful to our economy.  In doing this we reduce the environmental impact, increase the employment opportunities and reduces significantly what goes to landfill.

All metals are valuable in the recycling process.

  • Aluminium

Broadly grouped into three sub groups. Aluminium us extensively recycled as Extruded Aluminium, Domestic Aluminium and Cast Aluminium in Perth.  Currently Aluminium is almost a balanced loop with recycled products matching manufacturing needs.

  • Copper

For the domestic scrap metal collector Copper is the ‘value product’.  Copper is recycled based on the purity of the Copper in the scrap metal. As electric vehicles become more common the overall level of Copper used and therefore the recycling of copper will increase dramatically.

  • Steel

If a magnet sticks it most likely Steel.  Steel is the basis of most of our industry so huge amounts are acquired which results in huge amounts of scrap steel.  Steel is a specialised product to recycle as it required large volumes to be economically viable.

  • Other Metals

Most metals can be recycled as scrap metal.  Stainless Steel which is used in most kitchen fittings is Stainless Steel.  Stainless Steel contains the metal ‘Nickel’ which has value as scrap metal. Equally, hard drilling tips contain Tungsten which can be recycled.

  • Lithium

Lithium lead acid and carbon-based batteries can be recycled through the correct process.

Why Use a Scrap Metal Dealer?

Scrap Metal Dealers purchase small batches of different scrap metal from many people and batched these into shipments that are economically viable.  Small batches of scrap metal really only have value once grouped into a shipment that a large importer or metal smelter may be able to use.

The value that your scrap metal has is the tool that keeps it from the landfill.  Your scrap metal has good value and it is well worthwhile taking it to a scrap metal merchant to have it valued.

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