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The Value of Recycling Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal

Recycling Scrap Metal

All scrap metal has value.  The value of scrap metal is linked to the type of metal and how clean the metal is.


There is about 220kgs of copper in the average home.  This copper is in the form of electrical wire , tap piping, hot-water services and some kitchen appliances etc.  Copper is readily recycled however prices will depend on purity of the product.


Aluminium is in everything from cars, pots and pans, window frames, roofing, outdoor furniture and car engines. Aluminium is also easily recycled and will yield good prices however the price will be affected significantly on the level of contamination for non-aluminium metals. Steel screws and bolts in Aluminium doors frames for example will drop the yield from the aluminium by over 60% to 70%.

Stainless Steel

Another very common recyclable metal in most houses.  Pots and pans, fridges, BBQ, balustrading etc. Two main kinds of stainless steel are 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel. 316 Stainless steel is more valuable and can be identified with a magnet.  A magnet is attracted to stainless 304 and not 316 stainless steel.

Other House Items

Batteries, car batteries, small electrical motors, white goods all have value as scrap metal.  Total Metal Recyclers (TMR) can assist with these items if you call in for a chat.

The value of scrap

The value of scrap comes from how clean it is.  Clean means free from other metals. A sample of say aluminium should be as clean of all other metals as possible.  That way you will get the maximum price for your scrap.

Total Metal Recyclers (TMR) is happy to talk to you about how you can maximise the value from scrap metal.  We would like to purchase your scrap metal and we would like to pay you as much as possible for that scrap. In many cases how you present the metal can significantly increase the price that you will get for the product.

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